Ready For Work Cohort 2
Gets Started

This month, our second cohort of Ready for Work Nonprofit Capacity Building partners in Prince George’s County began their 3-year partnership cycle. These organizations join the four nonprofits from Cohort 1, for a total of eight organizations served by Fair Chance in Prince George’s County. Read more about the missions of these organizations below:

College and Career Pathways provides school-site and community-based services to elementary, middle, and high school students. Established in 2008, their mission is to facilitate postsecondary access and success for students from historically underserved communities, while increasing their awareness of the wide range of educational and career opportunities available to them.

Community Youth Advance provides extended-day learning, mentoring, and STEAM-based summer experiences to students in grades K–12 of all learning levels, from underperforming to Honors and AP. Additionally, they offer training/professional development, SAT/ACT Prep, and special programs to aid their students in preparing for post-secondary college or careers.

Liberty’s Promise supports young immigrants in need while encouraging them to be active and conscientious American citizens. Their programs aim to make the immigrant experience an affirmative one for young newcomers while instilling in them a sense of pride and support for American ideals of democracy and freedom.

The Training Source offers comprehensive employment training programs for unemployed and underemployed residents in Prince George’s County Maryland and Metropolitan D.C. Participants can learn Microsoft Office and professional skills, hospitality, customer service, and more. They also receive life skills, career counseling, job placement assistance, and follow-up services.