2020 Praxis and
Pathways Partners

Fair Chance is proud to introduce you to the six nonprofits in our 2020 cohort. These organizations provide a wide range of services to children and families in the DC area, including early childhood care; workforce development; legal services for working mothers; and college access and support for children of incarcerated parents. We are excited to work with these organizations, and cannot wait to celebrate their accomplishments at the 2020 Fair Chance Honors.

Associates for Renewal in Education, Inc. (ARE)
Executive Director: Dayna Nokes-Minor
Associates for Renewal in Education’s mission is to promote the well-being of children, youth, and families of the District of Columbia, and to help them achieve success in education, employment, family, community, and civic roles.

Community Education Research Group (CERG)
CEO: Jeffrey Credit
Community Educational Research Group is dedicated to serving the needs of young children who reside in Washington DC Wards 7 and 8 by providing high quality early care & education in a culturally diverse and nurturing environment.

First Shift Justice Project
Executive Director: Laura Brown
First Shift Justice Project helps working mothers in low wage jobs assert their workplace rights to prevent job loss.

Executive Director: Yasmine Arrington
ScholarCHIPS provides college scholarships, mentoring, and a support network to children of incarcerated parents, inspiring them to complete their college education.

SWALIGA Foundation
Executive Director: Lemond Brown
SWALIGA Foundation’s mission is to cultivate learning globally and inspire young people to connect their passions to successful careers.

Youth Entrepreneurship Institute (YEI)
Executive Director: Tacharna Crump
Youth Entrepreneurship Institute’s mission is to break the cycle of local poverty by training the next generation of ethical, entrepreneurial, and environmental leaders. Their programs help youth identify their own natural gifts and talents and teaches them how to monetize these skills and use them to start a small business.