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Racial Equity Framework

Why Racial Equity?

Ample evidence exists that structural racism plays a monumental role in generational poverty and in childhood poverty. Since structural racism is pervasive, it also works against the small community-based organizations trusted by communities of color to serve their children.

Our experience and studies show that community-based nonprofits have the power to help create a racially equitable DC—a city where all children can succeed. Fair Chance is committed to advancing this goal through five roles and associated strategies, which you can read about in the full Racial Equity Framework and Plan.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Developing the Framework
  • Fair Chance Values
  • Trainings
  • Definitions
  • Community Feedback
  • Fair Chance’s Racial Equity Outcome
  • Racial Equity Outcome Strategies
  • Leader
  • Capacity Builder
  • Resource Generator and Connector
  • Advocate
  • Employer
  • Next Steps
  • Appendices