WINNERS Lacrosse

WINNERS Lacrosse uses lacrosse to help underserved youth ages 5-15 reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible young men and women. All WINNERS programs are free of charge for participants, including equipment. “Before I came on as Executive Director, the WINNERS program was sort of put together with duct tape,” says Matt Breslin, Executive Director. “I sought out the Fair Chance Partnership because I wanted to learn how to be a better Executive Director of a nonprofit and build a structure for WINNERS that could be replicated in other cities.”

WINNERS now has six new elementary and middle school sites, and grew from serving 300 students at the start of their partnership in 2014 to 1800 students in fall 2015. There are now 50 WINNERS Lacrosse alumni playing high school lacrosse at both public and private schools. WINNERS Lacrosse increased their revenue from foundations by 300%.