Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships are important collaborators to support our work transforming leaders and organizations – leading to more opportunities and better outcomes for children, youth, and their families. Through collaboration with foundations, governments, and other entities we are able to achieve greater impact collectively and strengthen organizational infrastructure and sustainability.

Fair Chance engages and collaborates with a broad range of organizations through a variety of approaches and relationships.

We can be a resource and collaborator by working with you to:

  • Tailor and apply our model to help your community-based grantees be more effective and multiply the impact of your grant dollars. We can help you transform your grantees into agents of social change for children, youth, and families living in
  • Respond to your proposal to design capacity building assessment and support for a cohort of grantees.
  • Connect your employees interested in providing pro bono services to the right kinds of nonprofit clients.
  • Help amplify your message and advocate for policies that affect children and youth living in poverty.
We are helping our collaborators advance their missions and together, we are achieving life-changing results for more children, youth, and families. Examples of some of our collaborators and joint projects include:
  • Bridgespan, a large international nonprofit consulting firm focused on scaling social impact, selected Fair Chance to be their “legacy” partner to continue capacity building work following their initial investment in 7 cohorts of human service nonprofits in the DC region.
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm that works to drive transformation and build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage, works with Fair Chance alumni partners to build on their gains during the Fair Chance partnership, continue to enhance their organizational and leadership capacity, and advance the strategic work and/or growth of the organization.
  • DC Action for Children, a coalition of organizations working to support children and youth in DC, has teamed with Fair Chance to amplify shared messages and advocate around common issues related to children and youth in poverty.
  • District of Learning: District of Learning is turning Greater DC into a giant campus for learning—so teens and young adults can pursue their passions and strengthen their paths to college and careers. District of Learning brings together dozens of partner organizations and helps them boost youth engagement, strengthen learning outcomes, improve program management, and measure and communicate results. It is free for learners and organizations to participate. District of Learning operates as an initiative of Fair Chance, and Fair Chance provides operational, fiscal, and administrative support to the program.
  • Hogan Lovells, an international law firm, provides pro bono legal services to the nonprofits in our network. We act as a broker, working with the nonprofits to scope their projects, connect them to the Hogan Lovell Pro Bono Practice for matching with an available attorney, and to follow up on results.
  • Learn24, a network of afterschool and summer opportunities supported by the Bowser Administration to ensure children and youth in the District of Columbia have access to quality educational and enrichment activities beyond the school day, has contracted with Fair Chance to assess its small community-based nonprofit grantees and provide training and coaching to improve organizational effectiveness.
  • Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP), a regional foundation making strategic investments in portfolios of nonprofits to achieve better outcomes for children and youth, contracted with Fair Chance to help build their pipeline of potential grantees through capacity building with cohorts of Prince George’s County. Currently, Fair Chance is providing services to eight Prince George’s County nonprofits as part of VPP’s Ready for Work Nonprofit Capacity Building Program.

Partner with Fair Chance and help build stronger, more effective nonprofits while achieving your mission! For more information, please contact Gretchen Van der Veer, Chief Executive Officer.