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Pathways Partnership


  • An 8-month engagement that aligns leadership and organizational practices to build stronger nonprofits
  • Focuses on strengthening capacity in two of the following areas: Board Development, Fundraising, Resource Alignment, and/or Program Evaluation
  • Results: Executive Directors gain a thorough understanding of the Partnership focus areas and nonprofits develop create a strong organizational foundation.
  • Priority consideration is given to organizations
  1. that are led by people of color (i.e. either the Executive Director or a majority of the members of the Board of Directors, including the Board Chair, self-identify as people of color), and/orwhere at least
  2. 50% of the children/youth served are Washington, DC residents who are experiencing poverty

Questioning if the Pathways Partnership is right for you? Schedule a Partnership Consultation.

Please Note: Organizations that completed a Praxis Partnership or Impact Academy Partnership in the past are not eligible for the Pathways Partnership.

Ideal Partners

Our ideal partners seek to deepen their impact; serve more children, youth, and families; and take their leadership and organizations to the next level. Now may be a good time for a Pathways Partnership if:

Partnership Process

Partnership Requirement

Our Partnerships are intensive and deeply rewarding. Partnership work is primarily done by Executive Directors and Capacity Building Specialists. When necessary, members of staff and the board of directors participate in activities. Partners agree to:

  • Attend an orientation
  • Participate in a comprehensive organizational assessment Collaborate in the development of a work plan
  • Commit 8 hours a week to making progress on the work plan
  • Have a board member engage in Board Development (2-3 hours/week for approx. 3 months), if we work in that area
  • Participate in cohort and alumni events and activities
  • Join Fair Chance’s online forum for Executive Directors
  • Attend a celebration event at the end of the partnership
  • Complete evaluation surveys

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for partnership, organizations must have:
  • A current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • A mission, or at least one program, that addresses the specific needs of children, youth or families experiencing poverty in Washington, DC
  • A need for stronger practices, policies, and tools in at least two Pathways capacity building areas
  • At least one program that has been running for a year or longer and will continue running next year
  • An Executive Director (paid or unpaid) who
  1. has held the position for at least one year prior to the application deadline and intends to remain in this position for the duration of the partnership
  2. can commit 8 hours a week during the partnership to capacity building work, including weekly 2 hour meetings with a Capacity Building Specialist during Fair Chance business hours (9AM – 6PM)
  • A Board of Directors made up of at least three members, with a Board Chair who is not the Executive Director


  • Completion of the Pathways Partnership is not a pre-requisite to apply for the Praxis Partnership
  • Once an organization has completed a Partnership program, the organization cannot reapply for the same program